No matter where you are on your desired career path, it is always a good idea to think ahead and plan for the future. The marketing industry is full of potential for anyone looking for a job that prioritizes diversity and inclusion. Today’s world rewards forward seeking individuals; if you work in marketing and are looking to get ahead, here are some tips that may help you climb the marketing career ladder. 

Know Your Drive

Everyone is motivated by something different. Some people are driven by wealth, others want prestige, and others still crave mental/emotional fulfillment. Your drive is personal; there is no right or wrong motivation. The key to succeeding in marketing or any career is to understand what drives you and to hone in on that. Look for positions that will keep your fire alive, ignite passion, and keep you engaged for the long haul. Understanding your motivation means finding a career path that aligns with your goals. Keep this in mind through every step of your career and you can’t go wrong.

Excel in Your Current Role

Before you advance the marketing career ladder, you must first excel in your current role. This means being the best (insert marketing position here) you can possibly be before jumping to the next opportunity. While it may feel exciting to always be thinking of upward mobility, it is equally important to prove your worth in your current position. What’s more, if you are always thinking about what’s next, you may miss valuable opportunities to shine in the here and now. 

Another consideration regarding your current role is to look for areas of improvement within it.  Examine your abilities and consider places where you could improve. Explore mastering new skills, acquiring new credentials or licenses, and taking on new projects. This will be especially useful if there is no room for upward mobility at the moment, as it will set you up perfectly for the moment when an opportunity arises.  

Plan, Plan, Plan

There’s an old saying that goes, “Failure to plan is planning to fail.” While you can’t plan for everything in life, one of the best ways to ensure success as you climb the marketing career ladder is to plan for it! Having a goal for where you want to be in 5, 10, or even 20 years can help you stay on track and excel to new heights within the industry. Think about career titles that you may want down the line and investigate what skills are necessary to achieve them. Not sure where to get started? Try exploring a job board like ColorComm Search. Our user-friendly recruiting platform could introduce you to new positions you may not have known existed so you can get a feel for what you need to do to get there.

Be Proactive

As a professional looking to climb the marketing ladder,  you cannot simply wait for chances to come to you; you must actively seek them out. Check in on a regular basis to see what opportunities are available in your field. Even if you don't want to change jobs right now, it's a good idea to know what’s out there.

Another strategy to help you stay proactive is to network.  Making connections can help you learn new things and link you with future chances. LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for keeping track of your professional relationships, and it also allows you to engage with people digitally.

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