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The role of the CoS is to help the CEO and the business achieve sharp gains in productivity and impact. In the context of PN, that means the CoS is focused on executing significant strategic, operational, and cultural agendas to deliver the change that is required for PN to thrive and grow. 

Focus: Corporate Services

What You Will Be Doing


  • Serving as an air traffic controller for the leader and the senior team
  • Being an integrator that connects internal and external workstreams that would otherwise remain siloed
  • Being a good communicator linking the leadership needs; a wide-ranging view without turf considerations
  • A confidant without an organizational agenda
  • Assisting the CEO in thinking through and setting policies and making sure they are implemented
  • Advise the CEO on the full range of topics


  • Thorough understanding of the business and where its potential and roadblocks lie
  • Excellent project management skills
  • Adept at managing all types of relationships and influencing
  • Adapts messaging to meet audience needs
  • Simplifies and synthesizes complex matters into actionable steps to make progress
  • Applies strategic thinking and problem solving in approach 
  • Manages the process of ideation to execution
  • Anticipates potential areas of concern to plan for and avert problems 
  • Can grasp and add value to the leader’s vision
  • Has organizational and political intelligence 
  • Ability to anticipate problems and are especially sensitive to issues that require diplomacy
  • Function as extra eyes and ears by pointing out political potholes senior leaders may not recognize
  • Ability to act as the implicit imprimatur of the CEO, something that calls for humility, maturity, and situational sensitivity

The Experience That Will Contribute To Your Success

Competency: Employee Experience

Attract and Retain Talent, Develop and Influence Capabilities, Lead and Inspire Teams

  • Lead and inspire peers to truly live our purpose through the lens of diversity, equity and inclusion helping us meet our overall employee engagement score.
  • Assist with identifying and incorporating all talent needs, including recruitment, staffing, and performance management.
  • Identify talent risk early and mitigate through talent management strategy.
  • Assemble teams from around the company to solve problems and generate ideas for pursuit of new business opportunities.
  • Share expertise and be open to other’s ideas.

Competency: Operational/Financial Management

Business Acumen; Allocate and Optimize Resources

  • Demonstrate strong financial acumen.
    • Understand company’s financial policies,
    • Understand how we make money and allocate resources for profitability.

Competency: Live Our Purpose

Corporate Citizen, Drive Culture, Commit to Personal Growth (Every Day)

  • Demonstrate PN values through role modeling appropriate leadership behavior and action.
  • Foster an inclusive and trust-centered work environment that respects diversity of thought and values the contributions of all team members.
  • Respond and relate well to feedback from colleagues, supervisors and agency leaders.
  • Present oneself with poise, professionalism and confidence.
  • Take responsibility for own development and seek opportunities.

Misconceptions addressed:

  • The CoS does not manage diary, calendar, or schedule of the CEO, but does work to prioritize how the CEO should be spending his/her time
  • The CoS doesn’t act as the buffer between the organization and the CEO and shouldn’t be the first point of contact for those that don’t want to address issues directly with the CEO
  • The CoS does not manage the CEO’s inbox, but does help think through how and who to communicate with to successfully move the business forward - on an infrequent basis the CoS may send emails on behalf of the CEO
  • The CoS is not responsible for communications, internal or external, for the organization although they are involved in thinking through how to tackle sensitive reputational issues that occur
  • The CoS is not the de-facto action item deliverer because others are not willing to pull their weight
  • The CoS’ impact can be immense, if the role is approached as the greaser of wheels of the organization that facilitates its success

By the Numbers: 8-10 years of overall work experience

Success Profile – Related Knowledge, Skills & Experience:

  • Communicate clearly and confidently, using the proper tone for the audience and setting.
  • Ability to prioritize tasks, remain organized and multi-task on a deadline.
  • Demonstrated strong listening skills.
  • Strong ability to anticipate needs and quickly solve problems.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Teams, Excel, PowerPoint and Project management tools (e.g. Hive).
  • Previous professional services, PR and/or agency background required.
  • Previous program management or product development required.


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