Base Beauty Creative Agency’s Manager PR/Influencer leads our media relations and influencer marketing for our clients as well as supports agency new biz and marketing.


The Manager has experience growing beauty and/or wellness brands digitally & holistically through the targeted placement of earned media, influencer partnerships and influencer seeding, and guides our clients with recommendations for growth in these tactics. 


In this role, adaptability to a changing media and influencer landscape is essential for our clients! The Manager points to real world, boots-on-the-ground challenges and successes. They are able to think strategically and tactically, and put these strategies and tactics to work to create earned media impressions, thought leadership opportunities and influencer programs (both organic seeding and paid) with our client’s goals in mind. The Manager acts as a true leader at the agency and in the industry - via many thought leadership moments on behalf of BBCA (webinars, live events, emails, social media). 


This role reports to the VP PR/Influencer and oversees several PR/Influencer Coordinators and fulfillment managers.This is a mostly WFH role. 




·   6 to 8 years proven experience and excellence working as a publicist in the beauty and/or wellness industry

·   Rich and meaningful contacts with beauty and/or wellness editors, writers and influencers

·   Strong current and historical knowledge of the industry

·   Impeccable interpersonal and social skills

·   Efficient multitasking and time management abilities

·   Excellent verbal and written communication skills

·   Professional respectful and kind demeanor

·   Can work remotely effectively and efficiently

·   Is both a self-starter as well as collaborative 


Responsibilities for Media Relations

·   Create effective strategy communication plans for clients

·   Leverage brand experts and partners for media opportunities

·   Pitch stories and ideas to media outlets on behalf of the client

·   Arrange publicity opportunities such as speaking engagements, appearances and interviews

·   Draft talking points for the client and help them prepare for press visits, conferences and interviews

·   Build and maintain successful relationships with the media and other outlets

·   Oversee social media activity to ensure that the client is viewed in a positive light at all times

·   Manage day to day relations with media and other platforms

·   Promote the client or company image in a successful manner

·   Track all outreach and placements/impressions in a timely manner

·   Share PR metrics, insights and trends with BBCA Data Analyst to help provide deep dive analysis and insights on the brand’s performance as well as overall industry trends.


Responsibilities for Influencer Marketing

·   Develop and execute influencer marketing strategies

·   Manage the inception, prioritization and timelining of influencer programs

·   Identify and build relationships with relevant influencers and thought leaders 

·   Brainstorm new, creative approaches to influencer campaigns

·   Keep abreast of emerging trends, technologies and influencers

·   Liaising with the marketing team to create and coordinate marketing strategies that work across different channels

·   Track client’s OOP spend in a timely manner

·   Track all outreach and coverage/impressions in a timely manner

·   Work with Data Analyst to develop insights and analysis

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