Carson Kolb has been retained by a substantial health system to recruit a Chief Communications Officer for their public health department.  We are now accepting nominations on behalf of our client.  Nominations and inquiries will be received in confidence.
Please direct all introductions/nominations to:

Matt Kolb Carson Kolb |mkolb@carsonkolb.com |949-612-2565 | https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthewakolb  

Key Responsibilities:  Oversee the planning, development, assessment, implementation, and direction of the communications and public information program. 

Key additional responsibilities: 
  • Manage and direct the improvement and execution of goals, objectives, policies, and priorities for the program. 
  • Direct and lead crisis communications strategy and respond on issues concerning the performance and reputation of the organization. 
  • Prepare and oversee staff in drafting statements, FAQs and strategic communications documents needed to advance mission and demonstrate responsiveness to media and public for rapid information sharing. 
  • Demonstrate subject matter mastery to senior management to assist them in understanding and responding to communications needs, particularly time-sensitive media communications, and the importance of simplifying language and providing a sharp focus in presentations to the public and the media. 
  • Develop internal communications, including, annual reports, annual budget, mission and vision statements, and other critical documents. 
  • Direct and develop the execution of communication strategies, tactics, and deliverables, through various communication channels.  
  • Lead research of departmental programs to identify media interests. 
  • Interact with Board Offices, Chief Executive Office, communications media, and other departments. 
  • Create and oversee project budgets; prepare cost estimates; justify investments for equipment, supplies, services, and events; monitor and control expenditures associated with assigned projects. 
  • Manage and lead the overall activities and training of personnel engaged in department. 
  • Oversee and manage press conferences, the development of news releases, the dissemination of timely web and social media messaging.
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