Having diversity in a company is essential for a company to be innovative and equip teams with a wide
variety of skills to take the company to greater heights. So, don’t be surprised if your job interview
includes questions regarding your thoughts on diversity. By asking potential candidates these questions,
companies are looking to see your stance on the issue of diversity and if your beliefs will align with that
of the company. That being said, what are some job interview questions about diversity we can expect
and answers we can give to land the job? Read on to find out.

What Does Diversity Mean To You?

By asking this question, interviewers are trying to find out your opinion about diversity and how
important they are to you in the workplace or your line of work. It is definitely important to answer from
the heart, but also shape your answer in a way that shows open-mindedness and flexibility in the

An example answer: Diversity means people from all walks of life coming together to look at a singular
issue. With diversity comes the ability to look at the issue from a range of perspectives that others may
not have grasped immediately, allowing for the refining of ideas by looking out for issues or roadblocks
we might face. I believe everyone’s input should be appropriately valued, and there could be greater
creativity in tackling each issue or developing new strategies that can be a breakthrough for the

What Kind Of Challenges Might You Anticipate In A Diverse Work Environment? 

With this question, interviewers are trying to discover how you might deal with conflicts while extending
your understanding of people of diverse backgrounds. In your answer, you should show that you are
socially savvy while emphasizing the importance of the resolution of such issues. 

An example answer: This might be a bigger issue in a diverse work environment with people coming
from various beliefs and backgrounds. However, when people are at loggerheads, it reduces our
efficiency and tasks at hand. I believe it is important to talk about the issue civilly and clearly explain our
points of view while reaching a middle ground. It is important to develop good ties with my team
members to minimize these disagreements to gain rapport and establish that our work opinions are not

What Would Do You If You Heard A Racist Comment In The Workplace?

With this question, interviewers are trying to see the strengths of your belief in diversity and your
conflict resolution skills.

One example answer: I would correct the person on the spot and convey to them that it is insensitive
and inappropriate to demean a coworker who works alongside and faces trials and tribulations with us.
If no apology is given, I will report it to Human Resources or the Manager as any of this behavior should
not be tolerated and needs to be nipped in the bud.

Work In A Diversity-Centered Company 

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