How It Works

When you're looking for positions that match your abilities, career goals, income requirements, and preferred location, it's a good idea to use the job search services accessible to you. ColorComm Search offers assistance to help users find, apply for, and assess employment opportunities. You may uncover a diversity of employment possibilities that correspond with your career objectives by learning how to use ColorComm Search's job search tools.

About ColorComm Search

ColorComm Search is a user-friendly employment portal that assists multicultural candidates in landing jobs at top firms and companies. In the media, digital, creative industries, and more, we offer an intentional environment for employers that are dedicated to establishing workforce diversity. Candidates are linked directly to recruiters at serious firms looking to cultivate a multicultural workplace.

How Does ColorComm Search Work?

To set up an account with ColorComm Search, go to the top right corner of our site and select the "Create an Account" option. Next, select "Employer" or "Applicant" from the first sign-in layout. If you choose "Employer," you may sign up by entering your personal and corporate information, or you can sign up using Gmail or Facebook if you choose "Applicant." You may start customizing your profile by attaching your resume once you've created an account.

How to Search for Jobs on ColorComm Search

In the search tab, type in a job position and the place where you want to work. If you're looking for organizations that allow telecommuting, you may also toggle on the "Supports Remote Work" button. You can also obtain a detailed description of what the position requires you to do regularly by hitting "Job Details." Salary ranges and qualifications may be included in some position descriptions.

How to Upload a Resume

The procedure of uploading a resume to ColorComm Search is simple. Note the following procedures to assist you with uploading your resume:

  • Create an account to get started.
  • Click the "Create an Account" tab located at the top right of the homepage. Next, choose “Applicant”.
  • There will be a “Upload a Resume” Tab. Choose a file to upload from your laptop and click “Submit” once you’re ready to proceed.
  • Your profile will be automatically created. To update your resume or cover letter, click “Hi, <your name>” on the top right corner of the webpage and update your profile and documents accordingly.

How to Post A Job

ColorComm Search offers employers a centralized platform to connect with multicultural talent. After creating your employer account you can hit ‘Post a Job’ in the top right hand corner. Here you can put information such as Title Name, Description, Location, etc.. On this page, you can also select the duration of your job posting ($407/30 days or $795/60 days) and if you want to feature the post. Featuring your postings will give them more visibility to the qualified candidates on ColorComm Search by placing them at the top of the site for the duration selected (10 days: +$100; 30 days: +$300). 

How ColorComm helps Employers find Diverse Talent

Our diverse talent platform is designed to help employers choose qualified candidates from different backgrounds. It helps employers avoid unconscious bias where they evaluate job seekers based on appearance or social identity. Users can make decisions based on more important criteria, such as skills and qualifications.

ColorComm Search Helps Multicultural Talent Find Jobs at Leading Companies and Firms

We think that everyone should be able to progress toward a job that fulfills them. That's why ColorComm Search aims to help everyone reach their personal best. We want to create possibilities for everyone, regardless of their experience, to find significance in their work. Because better matches between individuals and employers benefit everyone.

From the thousands of businesses looking for outstanding talent to the numerous job hunters looking for the perfect openings, we've been providing individuals with the solutions they need to achieve their career peak. When it comes to recruiting talent, we recognize the plight of both small and large businesses. As a result, we're continuously looking for new ways to improve all that we do.

To learn more about how our platform works, contact us today!