Many people are looking to pursue a career in marketing, and why wouldn't they? Advertising and public relations are exciting, and marketing is a 250 billion dollar industry that opens its doors to specialists of all different backgrounds. Whether you have a creative streak or a strategic mind, there's surely a role for you among the multiple types of marketing roles.

Product Manager 

A product manager is an important role that essentially leads a team in creating successful products that the market will react well to. From conceptualization to sale, product managers are highly involved in what goes into creating and selling a company's product. It's an incredibly rewarding process to set a product vision and see it come to life in the form of features and marketing strategies. If you have an eye for market research and innovation, product management might be your calling!

Digital Marketing Manager

Anyone who knows marketing knows about how digital media has revolutionized the space, making digital marketing management a highly critical role for any organization. Digital marketing managers direct a company's digital platforms and channels holistically, handling aspects such as company messaging, user experience, online presence, eCommerce, and more. If you're a tech-savvy marketer that understands the importance of being online, digital marketing management is for you!

Marketing Director

If you have a strategic thought process and top-notch organizational skills, you may be interested in being a marketing director. Marketing directors are responsible for managing marketing campaigns and crafting different strategies for corporate promotion. They also allocate resources such as budgets among projects and build strategic partnerships with external parties like potential clients, stakeholders, and the media.

Communications Specialist

Communications specialists are the social butterflies of the marketing space! They manage their company's public image and public messaging by crafting and organizing public messaging vehicles such as newsletters, press releases, and strategic media appearances. Communications specialists establish goodwill among the public towards their companies, which positively influences traffic and sales.

Brand Ambassador

A brand ambassador is usually the first face people associate with a brand, making them an integral part of a company's brand image. Brand ambassadors are informative and uplifting about a brand and its products and services, being an effective community spokesperson for the company. If you're a tastemaker in a certain community, with a considerable social media presence and following, you're likely to be an advantageous brand ambassador for the right company!

Brand Marketing Manager

Brand marketing managers breathe life into their brand vision by translating them into campaigns, making sure to track the return of interest (ROI) at the same time. If your skillset includes data analysis, campaign management, brand messaging, and most important of all: a creative edge, you'll be a great fit for a brand marketing management role.

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