Career goals are a necessity for any successful employee that's looking to climb the corporate ladder. However, setting career goals effectively is much easier said than done. It's time to make setting career goals less of a tiresome obligation and more of an achievable motivator. To set workplace goals that enable instead of hinder your progress, follow these career goal tips!

Recall Your Team’s Structure

Everyone contributes something to your team, which naturally demands that before you establish your workplace goals, you examine and analyze the various interrelationships and functions within your team. By understanding the structure of your team, you can discern exactly where and how to support your team in a more efficient, targeted manner.

Check in With Your Boss

The easier you make work for yourself, the easier you make your boss' job too. Sitting down and having a conversation with your boss about any possible opportunities to contribute and be of service will act as a great platform for you to follow up on when setting your goals. With your expectations defined more clearly with your superior's feedback, you'll be able to establish more achievable goals while remaining ambitious.

Consider the Long-term

You're most likely working with an ideal professional role that you'd like to play in mind. Setting goals that directly contribute to your long-term objectives will make them feel not as lofty. For example, you can focus on any necessary qualifications, skills, and achievements that'll make you a more worthy candidate that stands out from the rest. By creating goals that enable you to be a better candidate now, you'll become more likely to receive the opportunities you want in the future.

Understand Your Area of Influence

As a member of an organization, you'll most likely have limitations of some kind that you'll need to be
aware of. While you can't influence the areas out of your control, this just means that you should focus your goals on the areas you have control over. If you'd like to expand your circle of influence, you can plan to compensate for any factors out of your control that may go south, practicing another important workplace skill: foresight.

Make Your Goals Flexible

Just like most of life, the workplace is unpredictable. A third of managers say that adapting to change is their greatest concern in executing company strategies. A good practice to keep your goals realistic and flexible would be to have quarterly reflections, whether it's by yourself or with your superiors.

Ask for Help When You’re in Need

Don't view the act of seeking support and advice as a sign of weakness. Rather, it's a sign of strength in how you're not afraid to approach others to improve yourself. Feel free to search for mentors around you that you can share your goals with, and even incorporate their advice into your goals and how you
meet them.

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