A majority of recruiters responded to a survey indicating that thank you messages from job applicants impact their decision-making process, showing that job interviews don't end even after you close the door. If you haven't sent a thank you email after a job interview, you're doing it all wrong! Sending athank-you email expressing your gratitude towards your potential employers for their time is an
effective, positive way to re-emphasize your interest in the position you're pursuing with them. If a hiring manager is hesitating between you and another candidate, a well-written thank-you email can be
the one push you need to give yourself an edge.

Appropriate Subject Line

The first key component your interviewer from your potential employer will see in your email from their inbox would be the subject line. Through the recruitment process, the interviewer is likely swamped with a slew of emails. Hence, you should be direct about the subject of your email in your subject line. Your interviewer is sure to appreciate your email etiquette which makes it easier for them to scan their inboxes. For example, you could send your email with the subject line: "Thank you - [job title] interview."

Expressing Your Gratitude

When in doubt, start your email with a formal salutation, especially if you've applied for a company that has a more traditional, formal sense of company culture. This will be particularly helpful if the position you were interviewed for requires formal writing skills, giving you an additional chance to demonstrate your writing chops to your interviewer. As for the actual thank-you note message itself, try to be simple and sincere with your words. One example would be: "Thank you again for taking the time to speak with
me during the interview we had today."

Expressing Your Eagerness

After making your gratitude known, it's always a bonus to express your excitement to learn more about the company and the position you're applying for, reinforcing your enthusiasm and passion to be a part of the organization to the interviewer. You can also highlight any specific, unique part of the interview in which you felt that the both of you connected personally. For example, if you both connected through sharing the same alma mater, you could mention it subtly through something along the lines of: "It was such a pleasant surprise to meet a fellow [university name] alumnus too." This is sure to set you apart from the other candidates, boosting the likeliness of your acceptance.

Timing Your Email Right

You should remember to send a thank you email within a business day or two of the interview itself. Preferably, you should send your thank-you note through email right after the interview ends. However,
sending a late thank you email is better than not sending one at all. On the other hand, if a week or more has already passed, you should focus your email topic on following up on the status of your
application, with an added thank you. Are you still job-hunting? Find a job with us at ColorComm Search, where we host a wide range of job listings for roles in marketing, communications, media, and more!