Attaining a communication degree can offer you a variety of career options in many industries. As you gain more experience in the field, you can get offered higher pay. If you’re looking for high paying communications jobs, check out this list of communication jobs you can pursue!

Business Reporters

Journalists that write for print or online publications are known as business reporters. They cover business-related topics such as financial news, key company announcements, economic policies, and other government announcements that may have an impact on enterprises. The national average salary for this role is $38,218 a year. 

Marketing Coordinators

Marketing coordinators are in charge of planning and executing a variety of marketing operations. Setting up and monitoring marketing initiatives, reviewing marketing campaigns for performance results, and communicating with stakeholders about certain KPIs are all duties they might execute. The national average salary for this role is $38,853 a year. 


Copywriters are in charge of creating and writing for brands in such a way that appeals to their target audience and achieves their marketing objectives. They may write for advertising campaigns, blogs, company slogans, marketing emails, brochures, or event signage, depending on their specialization. The national average salary for this role is $27.08 an hour. 

Brand Strategist

A brand strategist is in charge of devising strategies for positioning brands in specific ways. They may deal closely with a company or an agency to meet a brand's objectives. Repositioning a brand's image, gaining visibility, or limiting the harm caused by a specific occurrence or issue are some of these objectives. The national average salary for this role is $23.63 an hour. 

Social Media Manager

Social media managers are in charge of creating marketing and advertising strategies for social media networks. They create plans for both organic and sponsored campaigns to ensure that their client or organization achieves its marketing objectives. The national average salary for this role is $50,632 a year.

Managing Editor

A managing editor is in charge of overseeing and managing all publication and production operations at a publication, site, or organization. They hire the right people, approve the final layout and publication plans, and make final editing recommendations. The national average salary for this role is $51,843 a year.

Content Marketing Manager

A content marketing manager is in charge of overseeing an organization's or function's content offerings to clients or audiences, which could include articles, videos, infographics, and podcasts. They work to develop a content strategy for several channels, such as websites, blogs, and social media, to grow a company's communications that meet certain marketing objectives, such as increasing traffic or increasing product adoption. The national average salary is $57,903 a year.

Web Producer

Web producers are in charge of ensuring that websites provide the greatest possible user experience. They create or update content, change page layouts, arrange menus and buttons, add and remove information, adjust navigation, and more to improve websites. The national average salary is $31.04 an hour.

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