Companies are increasingly striving to improve their culture through the creation of a diverse and inclusive environment. However, this is easier said than done. Bringing people of diverse backgrounds and cultures together can be difficult to implement practically due to the differences that may arise in beliefs and personalities. So how can we develop a working environment that encompasses diversity and inclusion? Read on to find out some diversity and inclusion best practices to follow to properly ensure diversity and inclusion within your company.

What Are Diversity And Inclusion?

First, it is important to define ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’. It might sound the same, but both touches on different subject matters. Diversity is embracing all backgrounds, which can cover gender, race, religion, and ethnicity. Inclusion is more of how each individual and their opinions should be valued and not dismissed. Both diversity and inclusion come together to form a stronger company culture. 

Supervise Recruiting Teams Closely

They always say that company values or initiatives need to be supported top-down. Supervision should be provided by to follow up on the Human Resource team during the hiring process, as well as routine checks and monthly reviews on how potential employees are being shortlisted. Leaders can also ensure that an appropriate amount of monthly outreach is done to reach out to people of diverse backgrounds to uphold this mission in the company. 

Adopt Diversity and Inclusion Recruitment Policies

The people who are the most essential in the process of fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace are the Human Resource team. The Human Resource team members are the ones who actively source, pick out and shortlist individuals they feel deserve an opportunity in the company. However, it is difficult to qualitatively ensure that the Human Resource team is upholding diversity and inclusion in their hiring process. Hence, it would be great to have guidelines set out in front of them to adhere to. This can not only give them a clearer direction to head towards, but also for managers to track their efforts in cultivating a diverse and inclusive environment. This can include having a minimum percentage of diversity during the shortlisting process.

Provide An Unbiased Interview Environment

For a round of interviews, pool together people of diverse backgrounds to ensure an objective assessment of the individual. It is natural for us human beings to be inclined toward what we know best, which can mean people of similar backgrounds or cultures as us. To eliminate any of these potential biases, it would be best to gather individuals of different races and ethnicity to give a fair review of the potential employee.

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