After sending your resume, job searching and going for interviews, you may be wondering how you can follow up on a job application. If you’ve missed something in your interview, you can do that by sending a follow-up message to your recruiters or hiring managers. Here is how you can follow up on a job application!

Email First

Few professionals find it hard to find time to accept anonymous phone calls, especially in today's highly structured society. By emailing hiring managers or recruiters first, it shows that you respect their schedule as they can process and respond to your message in their own time. Emailing may be the safest method to follow up on a job application without upsetting or offending anyone for most jobs. 

Be Specific

The two most critical aspects of communicating with recruiters and hiring managers during a job search are focus and relevancy. Beyond personal choice, it's less about the format you use and more about what you say. "Hey, I applied!" or "Look at my application and then let me know whether I'm a good fit!" emails are just as annoying as making unwanted phone calls to your contact.

Instead, you should look at the company's job openings, conduct research on the position, and put in the effort to show why or how you're a good fit for the company. If you've been proactive, you should show your experience by highlighting how it aligns with the company's position. 

Let the Company Culture Guide You

When you follow up on a job application, it depends on the type of organization and role you're applying for. If the company isn't one to answer phone calls, sending a follow-up email or contacting them through their social media channels may be more appreciated.  

Display Your Skills

It doesn't matter which form your interview takes place, be it email, in-person, or phone call, it's still part of the interview process. Whichever you choose to follow up on a job application, think of it as an opportunity to demonstrate your communication abilities. Proofread your emails and take notes before phone calls so you will feel more composed when speaking.

Be Considerate of Their Time

If your recruiter appreciates the attention, you can be slightly aggressive when following up after a job application as it shows that you're interested in the position. However, if you're not careful, it could indicate that you're oblivious and not considerate of other people's needs. If you want to prove that you're the right fit, do it in a way that demonstrates your enthusiasm without taking much time from your hiring manager. Send a handwritten note in person or a small treat to reply to any feedback you've received. While this may not change their minds on your suitability for the position, it will provide you with another point of contact without jeopardizing your current relationship.

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