Being well-prepared for a job interview is an obvious method to boost your chances of success in
clinching that job opportunity. However, for most people, what recruiters are looking for during a job interview is a complete mystery. Here's how to impress a recruiter during your next job interview so that you can ace it with flair!

What Are Recruiters Looking For?

When trying to impress anyone, you'll have to discern what they're looking for in the perfect candidate. While every recruiter is different, there are some common details that they focus on. Some aspects that you may be compared to other applicants on are:

  •  Company culture: How well your personality and demeanor would handle the work environment, such as the workplace and the team you're joining.
  • Managerial fit: Whether your style of subordination meshes well with your potential superior's leadership style.
  • Skillset: Your core skills and qualifications that are relevant to the role.
  • Understanding of the position: Whether you've done your homework on the job description, including the responsibilities and tasks.
  • Enthusiasm: How eager you seem about joining the organization and fulfilling the role you've applied for.

Do Your Homework

There's an entire slew of details you can research about the organization and position, beyond what goes into the initial job listing. For example, while many will do a certain level of research on the organization, much fewer would extend their research efforts to the interviewer. The internet is a treasure trove of information, so it's always a great idea to look for a potential commonality you and the interviewer share when scanning through their profiles on professional networking platforms, such as being from the same alma mater or having the same hobbies. By forming a personal connection with your interviewer during the interview, you're much more likely to stand out during their decision-making process.

Show Your Enthusiasm

Recruiters always prefer a more enthusiastic job candidate to accept the opportunity. From your cover letter to your interview, and even during any additional follow-ups, always make sure to inject some enthusiasm towards the role and the organization as a whole into your words. This will impress the recruiter in how they'll notice you're not simply playing up your eagerness exclusively for the interview, and have a genuine excitement to receive the opportunity that they've provided.

Exude Confidence

A significant percentage of 39% of job candidates are rejected from the positions they pursue due to confidence-related issues such as voice quality or lacking a smile. This emphasizes the importance of a relaxed, assertive, and confident attitude from a recruiter's perspective. Hence, try to arrive at the job interview venue as the most natural, personable version of yourself that you can be. Don't forget to smile, practice your best business handshake, and go get em, tiger!

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