A job interview may be a potentially-life changing event and it's important to prepare properly for it. Despite knowing this, many are still unprepared. Even if you have a fantastic resume and work experience, acing the interview is important to land the job. If you’re preparing for a job interview, here are six job interview mistakes that people often make!

Be Unprepared

The first and most important thing to remember is that you should never go into an interview without first conducting thorough research on the industry, the company, your possible employer, and other pertinent information. You may be an expert in your field, but if you don't understand how the company functions, it will be more challenging for you to demonstrate that you are a good fit. Prior to interviewing at a company, look at the 'About us' button on their website to discover more about them.

Show Up Late

Coming in late creates a negative first impression and is undesirable. Be on time. Keep in mind that being on time implies arriving 15 minutes early!

Dress Inappropriately

The first impression is very important when it comes to interviews. This means dressing appropriately. Although it may be fashionable to dress casually, keep in mind that the interview is not a social gathering. While some industries or firms are unique in that they encourage you not to wear business attire to the interview, they are only a few. Hence, it's important that you dress suitably for the interview.

Poor Body Language

Just like being on time and dressing appropriately, the interviewers will look at everything you do, including your body language. Shaking Legs, sitting improperly, or not keeping good eye contact all send signals that you're nervous or unable to maintain your composure. In an interview, strive to sit up straight and keep your head and backbone in a straight line. Maintain a flat foot on the floor. Make direct eye contact with the interviewer at all times. It will send a message to them about your confidence and self-assurance.

Not Being Clear 

The interviewer's sole way of learning about you is to question you, and your only way of expressing yourself is to answer the questions. As a result, when responding to their queries, attempt to be specific, relevant, and obvious. Before you respond to a question, take your time. Ponder the question for a moment. Organize your thoughts before delivering them. If you are unable to respond, inform them straight away. Do not attempt to provide incorrect or irrelevant responses. It may cause more harm than benefit.

Lie in Your Resume

Make sure your resume is up to date. However, you should not exaggerate or fabricate information. Anything can be covered during the interview and being caught lying on your resume during the interview will almost certainly result in your rejection, as well as damage to your reputation.

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