So, you’ve found a job, applied for it, and got through to an interview. That’s great news! Now, though, you might be worried about the next stage of the job-hunting process – acing that all-important interview. You may think that you don’t have to prepare for your interview and might have planned on just winging it, but even the most qualified job seekers know that it’s good to rehearse and prepare. If you want to ace job interviews, we’ve prepared seven tips here for you. Let’s get started. 

Practice Your Nonverbal Communication

Remember, it’s not just about what you say, but how you say it. Confident body language is key to making a good first impression. Stand up straight, greet your interviewer with a firm handshake and make good eye contact. 

Dress for the Job and Company

You’ll likely have done your research on the company, so you should know about their company culture. While it’s always a good idea to dress smart and be well-groomed, it’s also good to dress to fit the company or your role. Will you need to be in a suit or will smart casual suffice? Find out so that you’ll fit in when you head over for your interview. 

Don’t Be Too Talkative

While establishing rapport is great, you don’t want to tell your interviewer more than they need to know. This is why rehearsing before the interview is crucial as you can be prone to rambling otherwise. It’s a good idea to reread the job posting and company website before your interview, so you can have a sense of what they’ll be asking – and thus how you can respond appropriately while still being approachable. 

Don’t Be Over-familiar

No matter how casual the environment or friendly your interviewer is, this is still a professional meeting. Take your cues from your interviewer and try to match their demeanor. While you want to communicate your enthusiasm and energy, it’s important not to be over-familiar. 

Use Appropriate Language

In the same vein, you want to be sure that the language you use is polite and professional. Today’s business environments are diverse and inclusive, and you want to respect this with your tone and language. 

Ask Questions

Asking questions is a good way to show two things – that you’ve been paying attention during the interview and that you have an interest in the job and company. If you don’t ask questions, you’re also wasting the opportunity to find out if the job and company are right for you. Prepare a list of possible questions before the interview, and think of one or two during the course of the interview as well. 

Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse

We can’t emphasize how important it is to prepare for the interview. Go through the job postings and company website, or look at questions asked at interviews for similar roles at other companies. Think of questions that you’ll be asked and rehearse your answers to them. Practice balancing creativity with precision – be informative and enthusiastic while remaining polite and succinct. If you’re looking for career advice, more interview tips, and insights into the job search process, why not follow us on LinkedIn for more?