Are you currently looking for a job in the media industry? You can find your dream job that offers a good paycheck in one of these sectors if you enjoy communicating, either through the written word or multimedia. Here are seven media jobs to look out for in the media industry!


For this career, formal education is less crucial than language abilities; interpreters and translators must be fluent in both languages, the original text or speech-language and the language of the finished result. Translators who work with the written word need to be fluent in both languages and have an advanced understanding of grammar and style. The average pay is $51,830 a year.

Film/Video Editor

The market for film and video editors, who takes raw footage and turn it into a polished product, has increased with the growth of online and mobile video content. Editors must be skilled in the use of film editing software and typically hold a degree in cinema or broadcasting. The average pay is $59,810 a year.

Technical Writer

Technical writers, who tend to work in STEM-related industries, write everything from instruction booklets to documentation to articles. You will need a bachelor's degree and technical knowledge for this work, as well as the ability to describe complicated concepts to a variety of audiences and meet deadlines. The average pay is $72,850 a year.

Video Producer

You might have noticed a particular video spreading through your favorite websites if you actively browse online. A video producer is the one who creates those meme-inspiring, eye-catching moments. You should expect to see more of these professions as the online craze continues. The average pay is $74,420 a year.

Public Relations Specialist

A job in public relations could be ideal for you if you have excellent communication skills and are confident in promoting the benefits of your preferred business or product. Public relations specialists are often employed by public relations firms, advertising agencies, or large corporations with in-house public relations departments. They devise and implement media strategies to keep their company's products and services in the spotlight—in a positive light. The average pay is $61,150 a year.


Companies frequently use bloggers as part of their marketing plan; an engaging blog gives the company a nice public face while also potentially increasing the company's search engine rating. Bloggers must be able to produce attention-getting text while adhering to the company's voice and style rules, as well as having their social media and SEO concepts in mind. The average pay is $63,200 a year.

Sound Engineers

Sound engineers record sound files in several settings, including recording studios, stadiums, and theaters. They frequently maintain recording equipment as well. Sound engineers work on a flexible schedule that is determined by the needs of their clients. The average pay is $45,510 a year.

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