No matter the position and no matter how many years you have under your belt, starting a new job is always a nerve-wracking experience. Your superior will likely be guiding you through a helpful induction process that introduces you to the organization and its functions. However, there must be something you can do on your part to make the process easier, right? Here are some tips on starting a new job successfully to ensure a great first impression during this transition period!

A Well-prepared Arrival

Ideally, you should treat your first day on the job with high regard, similarly to your job interview. By presenting yourself as professional, respectful, and personable, you can reassure your superior that you're a good fit for the workplace and that they made the right choice. Make sure that you arrive at the office early with ironed clothes and a positive attitude. If not, your new coworkers will be open to the impression that you're not taking your new position seriously, creating an incredibly poor first impression.

Avoid Creating Presumptions

There's a good chance that you've had some level of experience in the role or field that you're filling now, which can lead to you possibly developing pre-conceived notions of your duties and certain organizational functions. However, we urge you to avoid following any presumptions you may have as every company is different in the way they operate. By following such beliefs, they can impair your ability to absorb new information and properly adapt to your new company.

Don’t Forget to be Friendly

Unfortunately, many don't engage in as much social interaction in the workplace as they need to,
especially during the pandemic. Furthermore, most first introductions at a company are timed poorly, most of your colleagues being too preoccupied and yourself having too much information to juggle. Hence, a second introduction is always welcome. A good rule of thumb is to start from the coworkers that work the closest with you and to always be open to expanding your circle over time. You never when you'll need to reach out to someone from another department! It's always helpful to build rapport among your colleagues. It makes work much less awkward and much more effective and enjoyable!

Don’t be Afraid to Ask

You may feel reluctant to ask too many questions on your first day and throughout your first week, it's only natural to feel a little shy. However, asking questions will be beneficial for both you and your coworkers in the long run. The more questions you ask early, the faster you can get up-to-speed on your new workplace and role. To make the process of Q&A easier for both you and your senior colleagues, ensure that you positively phrase your questions. Furthermore, you can compile your questions so that you can acquire all the information you need without constantly interrupting their work to ask questions.

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