Workplace diversity increases your talent pool and helps your employees feel welcomed and validated. Diversity refers to the mutual respect and acceptance in a workplace for diverse individuals, in terms of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, culture, educational background, work experience, and more. Easy said than done, achieving workplace diversity is not an easy feat. Here are some strategies you can implement as a start! 

Diversity Training and Education

There are many employees who experience workplace biases such as ageism, racism, sexism, and more. Before you can implement workplace diversity strategies and eradicate our conscious or unconscious bias, you’ll have to understand what an inclusive workplace is and how it is important. You can start off by educating your leaders, which include executives, supervisors, and hiring managers. They are the front-liners that are at the heart of your operation. After which, your leaders can have discussions and come up with strategies to introduce diversity to the rest of your staff. 

Feedback Platforms

As leaders of an organization, you might not be aware of the work culture on the ground. It is important to gather feedback from employees of all levels from time to time to know how the workplace diversity strategies are working. It is also important for your employees to have a safe and anonymous platform to share their honest opinions and feel heard should issues arise. If many of your employees are still experiencing non-inclusive workplace practices, it might be time to review your strategies. 

Celebrate Diversity

Everybody loves a good party to celebrate different holidays! Celebrating holidays that promote diversity can be just as important as the typical New Year's or Christmas. Make it a point to celebrate all religious and non-religious holidays, such as Gay Pride, International Women’s Day, Deepavali, Black Lives Matter, and more. It helps your employees from diverse groups feel included and appreciated. While it is a great opportunity, for your employees to gain cultural appreciation and sensitivity, they can also use this platform to socialize and have team bonding activities!   

Diversity-Friendly Workforce Policies

There are many aspects to consider when implementing diversity-friendly workforce policies. It can help to consult your leaders or employees on the issues they are facing with your current policies. For instance, strict onsite hours might deter parents with children from applying or staying with your company. You might need to review it and implement some family-friendly policies, such as flexitime or childcare leave for working parents. 

During the recruitment process or performance evaluations, diversity-friendly policies may be implemented to prevent bias from affecting the outcomes. It is important to consider merit-based appraisals to ensure that your employees are evaluated fairly and have equal opportunities for progression. 

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