Diversity and Inclusion in companies are becoming one of the hottest topics today. With the
proliferation of the internet, we have discovered the wonders that can be done by individuals from all walks of life. So how do we properly foster a culture of Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace? It may sound good on paper, but much more difficult to go about in terms of practicality. This is because there are many small and minute details to look out for to build an inclusive and diverse team and how to navigate the workspace. Why not get a Diversification and Inclusion Certificate to help you with your cause?

Why Get a Diversification and Inclusion Certificate?

On the onlook, having a Diversification and Inclusion Certificate can help to increase the legitimacy of your company and show potential employees that such values are solidified in your company. This can increase the appeal of your company to potential candidates that look out for such qualities in a company, and attract the best talents you possibly can. With Diversity and Inclusion being increasingly popular today, this can help you to stay competitive or even gain an edge over your competitors. The more important part is having a Diversity and Inclusion Certificate is that it helps you to understand thepsychological aspects, understanding nuances, and approaches that you may not have previously considered in adopting for the company. 

Catalyst - Inclusive Leadership and Professional Certificate

This program focuses on boosting your capabilities as a leader, by adopting inclusive leadership skills to be able to adapt sufficiently to different personalities and cultures in the team. Being an adequate leader is extremely crucial in the rapidly advancing global economy. This program is flexible and allows you to go through it in your own time. One example of the courses this program offers is Leading Effective Communication. The Catalyst Program costs $147 and runs for three months, requiring one to two hours of weekly commitment. 

American Management Association - Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program

This program equips attendees with skills such as Business Communication and Leadership in fostering a diverse and inclusive environment. Essentially, it seeks to advance your skills in conveying your thoughts, plans, and strategies effectively across people of various backgrounds. The program also has a course on Emotional Intelligence to enlighten attendees on the importance of cultural sensitivity and how to build a happy, united team. The American Management Association Program costs $3295 (non- AMA members) and $2995 (AMA members).  It is a three-day learning program. 

HRCI - Certificate in Diversity and Inclusion in HR Management

Needless to say, the Human Resource Teams are the ones in the best position to implement diversity and inclusion in the workplace. They are the ones sourcing for, picking out, and navigating any relationship issues employees of different backgrounds face. Hence, it is important for them to adequately learn skills to hire, retain and access Diversity and Inclusion and its role in the company. 

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