Join our growing and dynamic team! Detail-oriented technologist  needed to own and run the complex set of tools and systems that make up MIT SMR’s customer platform. Collaborates with both the marketing team and the digital team to ensure marketing success for the organization. Owns the marketing systems and platforms; is tech super user, trains colleagues, makes and communicates tool updates, ensures security compliance. Creates and maintains intricate behavioral marketing experiences in Piano. Develops requirements for these systems and collaborates on vendor searchers. Develops and maintains analytics for these systems. Platforms owned include Piano, GTXcel, Fulco, Laravel-based content distribution system, Cybersource, store, IP-recognition system, and all the integrations therein. Platforms collaborated on include WordPress, MyEmma, BigQuery, and multiple analytics tools.

Bachelor degree required.
*Four years experience managing marketing technology systems such as customer databases, fulfillment systems, behavioral marketing systems, ecommerce, CDPs, and CRMs.
*Demonstrated experience writing scripts with Boolean logic and if/then statements.

*Mastery of basic html and web coding principles.
*Facility with cloud collaboration tools.
*Mastery of Google Analytics
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