Content Marketing is becoming hotter in demand, particularly with the plethora of platforms available
to us to garner the widest reach to customers. And why is that so? Content marketing can generate
rapport between a brand and its customers, by providing them with interesting and relevant content to
build the trust and connection needed to develop customer loyalty. That being said, content marketing
can be a complex space as no details can be spared to create the perfect platform to interact with
customers. If you are looking to enter this space, there is a wide variety of content marketing roles to
consider. Here are some common content marketing roles and their responsibilities, to see where you
fit in!

Content Marketing Manager

As the name would describe it, a content marketing manager is in charge of overseeing the digital
marketing process from start to end. They are normally responsible for planning, refining, and putting
into place the overall company’s content strategy. The goal of a content marketing manager is to
increase brand awareness and boost traffic and engagement. Content Marketing Managers can be
strictly digital or non-digital, depending on the company’s online or offline marketing efforts. For
instance, Digital Marketing Managers can be responsible for email marketing, newsletters, or acquisition
campaigns. Find out more here. 

Visual Editor

Aesthetics are incredibly important in today’s world. It is what draws people to the platform and what
motivates them to stay on the platform.  With great competition comes a greater need to stand out
while maintaining the uniqueness of the brand in your marketing. Here is where visual editors come into
play. Visual editors develop concepts for promotional materials while keeping in mind the style of
unique qualities of the brand. For instance, they are involved in the company’s social media visual
strategies such as designing posts or stories on Instagram and other platforms. They also conduct shoots
to convey the story and brand of your company in pictures. Find out more about the job functions of a
visual editor here.

Communications Associate

Communications Associates are the ones who actively reach out to the audience through invoking words
or posts. They are responsible for bridging the gap between your company and the customers through content ideas, newsletters, or other communication channels. This can also mean knowing what the
new hype or trends are about to sieve out subject matters the general public can resonate with while
relating to your brand. You would also have to explore new platforms to expand your reach and aid in
the strategic direction of the company. This fast-paced and dynamic job can definitely give you the
avenue to be as creative as you can be while staying in trend. Read on about what a Communications
Associate does here.

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