Advertising consists of marketing which is used to sell or promote ideas, goods or services. As multiple steps are involved in the advertisement creation process, this means there are multiple advertising job titles that must be fulfilled, and below is a list of them. 


The ad manager is responsible for handling all the company’s advertising functions. They assist in the implementation of advertising campaigns, manage the advertising budget, oversee the employees who work within the marketing department, and ensure the success of every campaign. Their goal is to ensure clients are pleased with the agency’s advertising techniques. Various names for their job titles include:

  • Account Supervisor
  • Account Executive
  • Creative Director
  • Events Manager
  • Advertising Director


The sales department has the role of selling media space to the advertisers. If they’re employed by a certain magazine or publication, they might sell ad space such as a full-page or half-page ad. If employed by a television station, airtime can be sold to advertisers. They are also tasked with meeting and locating prospective customers as well as providing the necessary information for finalizing ad campaign sales. Various names for their job titles include:

  • Account Planner
  • Advertising Sales Agent
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Senior Account Planner
  • Advertising Sales Representative

Marketing Associate

Marketing associates assist various advertising roles and help them run smoothly. They will often carry out administrative work while undertaking market research, assessing consumer data, and creating advertising materials like brochures. To excel at this job, they require outstanding oral as well as written communication skills which enable them to successfully interact with vendors, employers, colleagues and clients. Various names for their titles include:

  • Advertising coordinator
  • Advertising Assistant
  • Brand Manager
  • Content Marketer
  • Interactive Media Buyer

Creative Development

Creative development specialists bring together the required visuals that are needed for newspaper, magazine and online advertisements. They also work with television ads, corporate reports and brochures. Professionals employed in creative development must be detailed oriented and manifest outstanding communication skills, along with creativity and writing, as they might be tasked with writing online ads, print ads, commercial scripts and brochures, and must be able to spell check and quickly identify grammar issues. Graphic designers produce visual concepts, either by computer or hand, and might be under the tutelage of an art director. Various job titles for creative development include:

  • Creative Technologist
  • Advertising Photographer
  • Motion Graphics Designer
  • Preprint Analyst 
  • Editorial Photographer

Market Researcher

Market researchers are responsible for gathering, assessing and demonstrating both qualitative and quantitative research. The majority of market researchers are employed through advertising agencies, and will work on various projects for numerous industries and companies. In some cases, market researchers must work directly for a company, which is referred to as client-side, and they must gather information concerning customer investment, marketing trends and opinions.

Market researchers might also meet with customers so they can agree on specific research projects and negotiate terms. They will also prepare briefs while performing commission research and must formulate proposals or plans which can be presented to clients as well as senior management.

Agency Account Coordinator

In most organizations, the agency account coordinator is an entry-level position advertising agency job that is part of the accounting services department. They handle customer support along with administrative matters on behalf of media planners, executives or service managers.

They are responsible for dealing with advertising initiatives, public relations and marketing on a daily basis, with the goal of attracting prospective clients while retaining existing ones. They must have a deep understanding of client activities, be detailed oriented while demonstrating professional communication. They are typically employed by full-service advertising agencies and provide a broad range of creative and advertising roles. 

Brand Planner

Brand planners are also referred to as brand strategists or media planners, and are responsible for drafting ad campaigns on behalf of specific clients. They collaborate with these clients and will make recommendations regarding how the ad campaign will be carried out.

Their primary goal is to arrange the placement of advertising copy within specific media venues which maximizes the advertising scope for their client’s target demographic. Such venues consist of direct mail, internet, billboards, print, radio and television. Additionally, some brand planners might also be responsible for monitoring ad performance and will inform the client of their investment return for each dollar spent.

To succeed in this particular job role, brand planners must be able to carefully analyze data so they can think in creative ways and come up with new strategies for marketing their client’s product or service. But they must also be able to ascertain the impact and effectiveness of various media types.

Sales Manager

The sales manager is tasked with managing sales teams and helping them obtain their target goals. To this end, they will recruit then train members of the team, establish quotas, adjust and assess performance, and establish processes that are designed to boost sales. They will often have to travel frequently. Educational requirements for this job often involve a Bachelor’s degree in Economics or Business. On top of that, most companies will require them to have years’ worth of experience.

Successful sales managers will often be promoted to become directors and to succeed they require several traits, such as outstanding leadership abilities, excellent customer support skills and superb analytical reasoning. The nature of the job means that they must also provide sales forecasts which are accurate and concise while demonstrating the ability to mentor, coach and offer feedback to members of their team.

Advertising Job Types

Advertising jobs comes in two broad categories, which are non-commercial and commercial. Below is the distinction between them:


Non-commercialized advertisers use funds to promote items besides consumer services or products. Examples of these are religious institutions, political parties, government agencies and special interest groups.


Commercialized advertising consists of ads that sell a specific service or product. They will usually showcase features associated with the product or service, as well as the benefits one will gain from buying and using it. Video streaming and television ads tend to be graphics oriented, whereas blog or magazine ads tend to rely more on text.